Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft Technology Associate


Unlock the power of the Student


Microsoft makes it easier for institutions to build and deliver technology education with a simple and affordable suite of entry-level technology certifications.
Enhance Your Technology Curriculum
  • Official credentials designed by Microsoft:  Stand apart as an imaginative teacher by utilizing tests made by industry specialists on the most generally utilized and perceived technologies on the planet, for example, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Cost-Effective: Share a unique MTA Campus License among all offices and projects inside your campus. Control MTA exams for a small amount of the expense of other technology certification tests.
  • Preparing for the future: Help your students become more serious. MTA is the initial move towards further developed certifications, which will enable your students to make sure about their incentives in the job market; that is to say, helping learners investigate their latent capacity and interests while setting them up for information technology education and career.
  • Careers: MTA certification differentiates students as prepared to start applying themselves in entry-level technology jobs such as apprenticeships and internships.
  • Confidence: Industry-recognized credentials inspire confidence as students pursue future college and career aspirations.
  • Completion: accredited students complete their academic studies with statistically higher grades, lower dropout rates, and decreased school absences.


Preparing And Motivating Tomorrow’s Technology Workforce.

Designed by Microsoft Learning specialists and professional educators and based on high-demand industry career tracks, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) empowers instructors to educate and approve key innovation ideas, giving understudies the certainty to prevail with further developed investigations just as a strong establishment for their professions. Help your organization stand apart with a creative technology curriculum while offering students a chance to obtain a Microsoft certification directly in the classroom.

MTA Campus License.

The MTA Campus License includes the full portfolio of MTA exams and the highly acclaimed companion MTA Certification Exam Review Kits, which are designed to supplement the courseware you are already using.

Add Value To Your Classroom With Secure, Easy To Use, Relevant Exams.

You can deliver exams anywhere on campus, anytime it’s convenient, with no classroom or desktop restrictions. All you need is an internet-connected computer and administrative rights. License Administrator set up and Proctor registration is quick and simple with on-demand web sessions and free onboarding support available at any time. MTA exam scores can be easily imported to Microsoft Excel for easy manipulation and upload into popular Learning Management Systems.


Help Your Students Get A Jump-Start On A Career In Technology With MTA

  • Software Development Fundamentals (98-361)
  • Cloud Fundamentals (98-369)
  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals (98-368)
  • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)
  • Introduction to Programming using Block-Based Languages (98-380)
  • Introduction to Programming using Block-Based Languages (98-380)
  • Introduction to Programming using Python (98-381)
  • Introduction to Programming using JavaScript (98-382)
  • Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS(98-383)
  • Introduction to Programming using Java (98-388)


MTA Infrastructure Exams

  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349)
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (98-365)
  • Networking Fundamentals (98-366)
  • Security Fundamentals (98-367)

MTA Database Exams

  • Database Fundamentals (98-364)