Intuit QuickBooks Certified User

Certified for today’s accounting environment

Accounting in the 21st century requires more than information on GAAP standards or an eye for detail—students need important computing abilities. Intuit QuickBooks, the business chief in administrative bookkeeping programming for business visionaries and a private company, gives a straightforward stage for students to get a handle on bookkeeping ideas while sharpening skills in the most pervasive accounting application in independent ventures today. Students can approve their QuickBooks information by turning into an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU).

Moreover, QuickBooks Certified User test vouchers will presently incorporate admittance to both the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online tests so candidates can exhibit their skills in whatever version of QuickBooks they prefer.

Distinguish your school’s business, accounting, finance, and entrepreneur program

A recent Certiport survey revealed that 84% of accounting instructors at two-year colleges believe students who are preparing for an accounting career should be conversant in QuickBooks. Said one respondent: “Many students now learn QuickBooks as they learn bookkeeping or accounting…You might start every bookkeeping or accounting course with it.”

Building the business coursework to support the achievement of the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) credential increases the value of academic programs and provides your institution with additional recruiting tools.

Key benefits of QuickBooks certification

  • Validate QuickBooks knowledge and skills for a position in professional accountancy
  • Demonstrate bookkeeping skills acumen in a tangible, measurable way
  • Position themselves as a credible job candidate to employers

Free QuickBooks software for educators and students

Intuit Education Program is dedicated to empowering educators and students to advance their skills and expertise in accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship. The program offers complimentary accounting and tax software to educators and students across the U.S

Resources to learn, practice, certify and share

Through Cambridge Technical College’s full pathway solution you can prepare your students for QBCU certification with tailored learning materials, practice tests, and Intuit QuickBooks endorsed certification exams. Adding these materials into your curriculum is easy and seamless.


Curriculum and courseware

The QuickBooks Fundamentals Guide and QuickBooks Complete Textbook use hands-on step-by-step exercises that have you working directly in QuickBooks while you learn the accounting behind the scenes and the best practices. It provides a complete experiential learning environment and practice exercises so the students can apply what they are learning in class. The vivid, color graphics and screenshots explain how to do complex transactions in QuickBooks, making learning interesting and fun. Professors receive extensive support materials, including an Instructors Manual, PowerPoint slides, test banks, and solution files for all exercises.


LearnKey’s QuickBooks online video-based course is designed to improve the employability prospects for any company needing someone who can work with QuickBooks efficiently. The course also serves as a preparation for the QuickBooks Certified User Exam. The course goes through all ten exam domains: QuickBooks Setup, General Product Knowledge, List Management, Items, Sales, Purchases, Payroll, Reports, Basic Accounting, and Customization. This course will give users the confidence to work effectively with QuickBooks for businesses of all types.

  • Test prep questions from online training
  • View your online courseware anytime, anywhere
  • Gain the skills necessary to confidently work in the QuickBooks application
  • Available on the GMetrix platform

CCI Learning

CCI Learning Logo

CCI Learning’s QuickBooks Premier 2018 Certification Level 1 and Level 2 handbooks are available as a bundle. The Level 1 book introduces basic accounting tasks, starting with an introduction to QuickBooks and a review of accounting cycles. The Level 2 book introduces intermediate and advanced features of QuickBooks. Both are necessary to prepare for the QuickBooks Desktop Exam. Available as physical textbooks or ebooks, this bundle is a perfect curriculum solution for any accounting, finance, or business program. Valuable teacher resources include lesson plans and slides.

Labyrinth Learning

Labyrinth publishes easy-to-use textbooks that empower educators to teach complex subjects quickly and effectively — and enable students to gain confidence, develop practical skills, and compete in a demanding market.  The labyrinth offers extensive instructor support materials, eLabs, and convenient customer service to create true learning solutions for instructor-led, self-paced, and online courses in community colleges, corporate training, continuing and community education, career, and technical education, and high schools.

  • Prepare your students for the real world
  • Make the connection between QuickBooks and accounting principles
  • Automate grading with eLab Quick Grader

GMetrix QuickBooks Course

This online course uses text, video, and quizzes to teach students everything they need to know to pass the QuickBooks Desktop exam. There are 16 lessons, each includes hands-on activities using sample files in the QuickBooks. This course is conveniently housed on the GMetrix platform.