About us


Cambridge Technical College is a highly respected, experienced, efficient, and professional institution in the field of study, training, and education.

With a view to providing professional, affordable, high-quality courses that provide our students with knowledge, understanding, ability, and competence, and which will enable our students to gain good employment and achieve career success. Cambridge Technical College was established in 2000 and aims to provide high-quality learning with internationally recognized accreditation.

Our main goal is to give greatness in education

We are focused on guaranteeing all students access the advantages of their instruction through a reasonable and precise appraisal of their abilities, information, and comprehension. A way of thinking of reasonableness and honesty goes through all that we do, and we are focused on the conveyance of our objectives through the manner in which we cooperate, both in groups and as individuals. Our values are:

  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Excellence

Our Approach

At Cambridge Technical College we make sure that each student receives the proper guidance, and dedicated learning programmes so that students can excel and develop their potential. However, at Cambridge Technical College we believe that educational integrity should be at the heart of all assessment and that tests and qualifications are only of value if they inform the learning process and reflect the true status of an individual’s knowledge and understanding.

We believe that education is for everyone and we deliver a range of courses to suit everyone’s needs. From learning English courses to mastering Adobe Photoshop skills, at Cambridge Technical College we supply online and onsite programmes that are designed to deliver first-class learning for every student.



Why Cambridge Technical College? 

  • High-quality teaching to suit all learning styles.
  • Diverse staff team with excellent qualifications.
  • The supportive and caring environment in and out of class.
  • Great city location with fantastic cultural opportunities.
  • Blended learning.
  • Competitive prices.

Cambridge Technical College provides the world’s leading range of qualifications and tests for learners and teachers of English. However, we maintain quick and convenient online tests to help people improve their language skills; that is to say, speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

  • Cambridge English Qualification
  • Linguaskill
  • Cambridge English Teaching

Our qualifications and tests are accepted by over 25,000 organizations worldwide, and provide the English language skills to communicate and succeed in the real world.


Our Staff

  • We know that our staff team is our most important asset. We recruit people who share our values and have the skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications to provide the best educational experience that we want for our students.
  • We are committed to providing the best educational experience and helping our students their learning outcomes and achieve their own success.
  • We help and motivate students to enjoy themselves and make the most of their time learning at Cambridge Technical College.